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Shabbos Combination Lock

Professional Locksmith is highly trained in installing what we call a ‘Shabbos Combination Lock.”

The Washington DC Metro area that we are based in has a large population of religious Jews who

observe the Sabbath. Our company has installed dozens of Shabbos combination locks on homes to

make their Shabbos easier and more relaxed.

Orthodox Jews hold that it is forbidden to carry on the Sabbath, so it is very convenient and necessary to

have a shabbos combination lock so you NEVER need to carry a key with you when you leave the house.

With a shabbos combination lock you do not need to worry about losing your key and you never need to

worry about the prohibition of carrying on the Sabbath.

Our combination locks are perfect for the Sabbath but also great for during the week too! You will never

again have to worry about losing your key or digging through your purse or pockets to find your keys.

This lock is perfect for everyday use for a keyless life, just to make things a bit simpler.

We install one of the best combination locks on the market called the kaba simplex mechanical

combination lock. This combination lock is extremely simple to use, anyone can do it!

We guarantee that when you have this lock you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

We always offer a 5 year warranty for the kaba simplex combination lock so u never need to worry

about any problems happening to your lock.

Our shabbos combination lock can be installed quickly and efficiently for you anytime, just give us a call!

 Kaba simplex

~ Pin access ~No wiring

~ Mechanical push button lock ~ No software

~ Single access code ~ No batteries

~ Deadbolt, spring latch/ rim deadlocking latch ~ No computers

~ Thumb turn ~No key or cards

 Easy to use and to maintain!

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