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 Residential Locksmith Services 

Professional Locksmith Inc. offers a range of products from the best manufacturers, So you can chose from a variety of security products in all different price ranges to match the cost you were looking for.  One of our Professional Technicians will advise you for the best solution for your needs. Our trained technicians are equipped to do all locksmith work on site and offer you a variety of home security products.  if you have any further questions or just need advise call us 301-257-9158

Our Residential Locksmith Services Include:

Lockout Services & Eviction Services
Re-key Door Locks, Master Re-keying
Door Lock Service, New Locks, Repair Locks
All Major Brands of Residential Door Locks
Install Deadbolts, Install Door Knobs
Keyless Entry Systems Installed
Anti-Bump Locks Installed
High Security Deadbolts and Door Knobs Installed
Decorative Locks and Handles Installed
Replace Mailbox Locks
Duplicate Home Keys Made
Patio Door Lock Replacement, Door Closers, ect...

We are the best for any job let us prove it to you.

Lock Rekey Service
If you lost any keys in your home, font door, back door, or a door inside our local locksmiths will be there in minutes to create a key for you on the spot. We can rekey almost any lock in a residential place such as like garage locks and cabinet locks.  Our local locksmith are standing by waiting for your call day and night prepared to come to your place to inspect your lock and give you the best way to rekey at the lowest price.
To rekey is to configure the tumbler of a lock so a new key will work and the original key can no longer be of use. If you choose to rekey you can be assured that your guaranteed that you are rid of the risk of those who had access to your home or business getting back in. Rekey service is available for commercial, residential and automobile locks.
All locks have tumblers and wafers. Some require 3 pins and others more then 12. High security locks cost more because they are more complicated to rekey. There are many “do it yourself “products out there but you need to be aware of these because they can be very confusing and require some very small mechanical pieces. There are many locks that don’t call for rekey so it is always better to consult a professional first.
We provide residential locksmith services for apartment locks, homes, door handles, door knobs, office and cabinet locks, most dead bolts and many different areas in your residence that call for key entry.
Our locksmiths can also provide rekey services for commercial and automotive key sets. Trust that professional locksmith is knowledgeable, skilled and ready for all your rekey needs.

Lock Repair

Having problems with your locks? Is your lock not working properly? That’s no problem for professional locksmith. We can repair your lock immediately. Our trained technicians can come to you day or night with the right tools necessary for getting your lock to work properly. If for whatever reason your lock is damaged and cannot be repaired our technicians can instantly provide you with numerous locks, to find just the right one for you.
As we all know locks don’t last forever. So it is not uncommon to find locks that are in need of repair. Some locks, like those in public places can be used aggressively causing them to break quicker.   Many of these lock have small and delicate parts like tumblers which deteriorate in time.
If you find a problem with any of your locks contact us right away, most of the time we can repair your locks with just some simple adjustments.  Please note that some locks are just beyond repair. It is important to speak to a professional like one of our technicians to tell you what in fact should be done for your locks. Our professionals can come to your place to assist you in the best way possible fast, efficiently and effectively to help keep you, your family and possessions in safe hands.
Lock replacement or changing
The changing of your locks is simple when you call professional locksmith. Our technicians can be at your place quickly and with all the tools and locks necessary so that replacing your locks is as easy as 1-2-3.  We offer many locks, helping you in the selection process. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can replace your locks anywhere you need. Please keep in mind that professional locksmith is highly trained in all aspects of lock replacement.

Lock instillation
Call professional locksmith to have your new locks installed today! We can install locks that you have purchased yourself or we can come to you with locks. We can install all front and back door locks, mailbox locks, sliding door locks and many more.
What many people don’t know is that it is many times cheaper to replace a lock then to fix it. So please always check with a professional about which choice is best for you. If you are in need of any lock instillation our trained technicians can be there with just a phone call giving you superior quality service in all your lock instillation needs.

Mailbox (lock & key)
Our professional locksmiths are standing by ready to come to your mailbox location to provide you with
~ Mailbox lock repair
~ Mailbox lock replacement
~ Creation of a new mailbox key
~ New lock instillation
~ Rekey (ensuring that no previous key holder can have access anymore).

We as locksmiths value privacy so we understand the significance of the privacy of your mail and that is why we are ready to come right away to your mailbox to help you with all your mailbox lock needs.

Dead bolt lock repair

We offer low cost and high quality service for repairing and replacing your deadbolts. Our locksmiths are trained in deadbolt instillation and are ready to arrive prepared with deadbolts,  ready for instillation right away.

Dead bolts are a very common used lock in the market. They help to keep intruders out from both your home and office. One type of deadbolt requires a lock and key. The deadbolt is installed on the top of the door handle, usually requiring a hole to be created in the door. Our locksmiths are highly trained at doing this. When the deadbolt is installed there will be an opening on the outside for the key and the lever will be inside the house. Another type of deadbolt is similar to this, but the opening is on the other side. These deadbolts add more security to your doors.

Deadbolts come in various styles usually going by a standard size. They are used in both residential and commercial doors providing much added protection and security. Please call us anytime to help give you this protection, by installing deadbolts in your residence.

Deadbolt lock instillation
Professional locksmith is here to assist you with all your deadbolt instillation needs. We can help you install a deadbolt of your own our supply you with one.

To install a deadbolt you must be skilled with adept hand control to help determine the right hole or lock placement. We have many skilled professionals to help do this properly. To attempt to install a deadbolt yourself can be risky for your family and possessions. It is always best to contact a professional technician to insure that your deadbolt instillation is done right the first time.

Door knob repair

We fix and replace doorknobs and can be there almost as soon as you call ready to fix or replace your doorknob or handle.

Professional locksmith has years of experience working with the most major brands such as schlage and medico. Our locksmiths can be at your place to tell you if your doorknob can be repaired or if you need a new one. We can help provide you with the best way possible to help keep you and your family secure.

Decorative lock instillation

Looking to have decorative locks installed on your door or anywhere in your home? We are right for the job. We have experience and the right tools to help insure that your decorative locks are installed right weather they are premium brass or collector lock sets.

With professional locksmith we can help you give your locks a decorative sophisticated look anytime.

Safe lock repair

Forgot or lost the combination for your safe? Does your safe lock require repair? Professional locksmith is trained in all major safe brands like Honeywell and sentry, plus many more. We have professionals trained to work on many safe styles such as floor and wall safes and free standing safes.

We are more than happy to help you with all your safe lock needs because we understand how important it is to you.
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